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Clay and Seal / Decontamination

All Vehicles $39.00

Estimated Time: 30 Mins


An Extra $39.00 on top of, In & Out Maintenance, In & Out Deluxe or Exterior Valet Only ||

A De-Contamination stage is recommended if your vehicle has not been washed regularly and an excess amount of contaminants such as tar, bugs, pollen or iron fallout has latched on to the paintwork in order to make the most of your Maintenance or Exterior Groom. A build up of contaminants over time can cause your paint to look dull and dirty, and feel rough to the touch, even after washing.

De-Contamination is recommended every 6 months - 1 year depending on road conditions and how often the vehicle is driven. This process doesn’t need to be booked in advance, on the day of your booking we can assess and advise on whether a De-Contamination is needed.

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