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In&Out Deluxe Valet Package

From $399.00

Estimated Time: 4-4.5 Hours


Coupe/Hatchback/Small Sedan: $399.00 ||

Large Sedan/Station Wagon: $429.00 ||

Ute/SUV/Van: $459.00 ||

This package is custom made by OTAD to further enhance your vehicle's condition by giving it a professional clean with proper washing techniques and tools, using high quality products. 

We cover all areas inside and outside of your vehicle also polishing the exterior of your vehicle via a stage 1 machine polish.

This package enhances the exterior via a single stage machine polish which gives your vehicle a high gloss and wet finish. The interior is precisely detailed and brought back to a factory like condition, offering you a above and beyond all in one package. We aim to preserve and prolong your vehicle’s appearance and condition. 

This package is excellent for giving your car a birthday or for any used or pre sale vehicles.

Each Deluxe valet is finalised with a spray ceramic wax coat, providing unmatched gloss and slickness to the paint, windows, plastics and wheels, protecting your vehicle until its next valet with One Touch Auto Detailing.



  • Exterior Pressure Rinsed

  • Bodywork Soaked in Citrus Pre Wash

  • Snow Foam Soaked and Rinsed

  • Door Frame Area Deep Cleaned

  • Engine Bay Area Snow Foam Soaked and Rinsed

  • Bodywork Double Bucket Wash with Premium Shampoo

  • Road Tar/Bugs Removed

  • Wiper Blade Rubbers & Fuel Door Cleaned

  • Exterior Pressure Wash Rinse

  • Bodywork dried with Luxurious Towels & Blower

  • Exterior Glass Wiped

  • Stage 1 Enhancement Machine Polish

  • Hydrophobic Top Coat applied to Paint, Windows, and Plastics

Wheels & Tyres

  • Wheels/Arches Pressure Rinsed

  • Fallout & Brake Dust Removed

  • Tyres Cleaned

  • Wheels Dried

  • Hydrophobic Top Coat Applied

  • Tyres Dressed in Premium Matte Finish


  • Rubbish Removed

  • Interior Air Blow Out, Dashboard, Compartments, Air Vents, Tight Gaps and Carpets

  • Mats Removed and Cleaned

  • Full Interior Vacuumed (upto 30mins)*

  • Carpets, Seats & Boot Vacuumed

  • Dashboard, Compartments & Controls lightly sprayed with Premium Cleaner & Microfibre wiped

  • Steering Wheel and Controls Cleaned

  • Interior Matte Dressed in Premium Dressing

  • Interior Glass Wiped & Polished

  • Scented Spray applied to the Interior (if requested)

    *Note additional charges may apply depending on the overall condition of the vehicle, 

    extra soil or pet hair occurs a surcharge $POA.

Estimated Time Per Vehicle: 4 - 4.5 hours.

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