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In&Out Maintenance Valet Package

From $189.00

Estimated Time: 3-3.5 Hours


Coupe/Hatchback/Small Sedan: $189.00 || 

Large Sedan/Station Wagon: $219.00 ||

Ute/SUV/Van: $249.00 ||

This package is custom made by OTAD to enhance your vehicle's condition by giving it a professional clean with proper washing techniques and tools, using high quality products. 

We cover all areas inside and outside of your vehicle.

This package enhances the exterior and interior condition, offering you exactly what you need from a quality maintenance valet. We aim to preserve and prolong your vehicle’s appearance and condition. 

This package is excellent for monthly, new, or used or pre sale vehicles.

Each valet is finalised with a hydrophobic top coat, providing unmatched gloss and slickness to the paint, windows, plastics and wheels, protecting your vehicle until the next maintenance.



  • Exterior Pressure Rinsed

  • Bodywork Soaked in Citrus Pre Wash

  • Snow Foam Soaked and Rinsed

  • Door Frame Area Deep Cleaned

  • Bodywork Double Bucket Wash with Premium Shampoo

  • Road Tar/Bugs Removed

  • Wiper Blade Rubbers & Fuel Door Cleaned

  • Exterior Pressure Wash Rinse

  • Bodywork dried with Luxurious Towels & Blower

  • Exterior Glass Wiped

  • Hydrophobic Top Coat applied to Paint, Windows, and Plastics

Wheels & Tyres

  • Wheels/Arches Pressure Rinsed

  • Fallout & Brake Dust Removed

  • Tyres Cleaned

  • Wheels Dried

  • Hydrophobic Top Coat Applied

  • Tyres Dressed in Premium Matte Finish


  • Rubbish Removed

  • Interior Air Compressed Blow Out, Dashboard, Compartments, Air Vents, Tight Gaps and Carpets

  • Mats Removed and Cleaned

  • Full Interior Vacuumed (upto 30mins)*

  • Carpets, Seats & Boot Vacuumed

  • Dashboard, Compartments & Controls lightly sprayed with Premium Cleaner & Microfibre wiped

  • Steering Wheel and Controls Cleaned

  • Interior Matte Dressed in Premium Dressing

  • Interior Glass Wiped & Polished

  • Scented Spray applied to the Interior (if requested)

Estimated Time Per Vehicle: 3 - 3.5 hours.

*Note, additional charges may apply depending on the overall condition of the vehicle, extra soil or pet hair occur a surcharge [$POA] price will be dicussed on the day of your detail if it requires further attention.

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