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Stage 1 - Enhancement Correction

From $289.00

Estimated Time: 2-3 Hours


Coupe/Hatchback/Small Sedan: $289.00 || 

Large Sedan/Station Wagon: $319.00 || 

Ute/SUV/Van: $349.00 ||

Our Stage 1 Enhancement Detail is a great and low cost way of rejuvenating the shine of your vehicle. We focus on bringing back a deep rich colour to the paintwork which gives it a wet silky and shiny look. Unlike the paint correction stages, our main focus is to enhance your vehicle's current paint condition. This process is recommended to be booked in regularly to keep your vehicle looking newer for longer.

Note: Along with your selected Enhance Stages it will also include a full exterior valet wash with clay and seal decontamination prior.



  • Exterior Pressure Rinsed

  • Bodywork Soaked in Citrus Pre Wash

  • Snow Foam Soaked and Rinsed

  • Door Frame Area Deep Cleaned

  • Bodywork Double Bucket Wash with Premium Shampoo

  • Road Tar/Bugs Removed

  • Wiper Blade Rubbers & Fuel Door Cleaned

  • Decontamination Clay Bar to Paintwork

  • Exterior Pressure Wash Rinse

  • Bodywork dried with Luxurious Towels & Blower

  • Exterior Glass Wiped

Wheels & Tyres

  • Wheels/Arches Pressure Rinsed

  • Fallout & Brake Dust Removed

  • Tyres Cleaned

  • Wheels Dried

  • Hydrophobic Top Coat Applied

  • Tyres Dressed in Premium Matte Finish

Paint Work

  • Paint Depth Analysis Inspection

  • Plastic Exterior Trims Masked

  • Exterior Paint Work Machine Polished [Stage 1 Enhancement Detail performed]

Applying a Wax or Ceramic Coating after correction will seal the paintwork, adding hydrophobic properties, enhancing glossiness, and allowing easier maintenance.

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