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Stone Chip/Paint Touch Up

From $69.00

Estimated Time: 1 Hour


Less than <5 Paint/Stone Chip Touch-Up: 69.00 ||

Vehicle Front End Only [Bumper, Bonnet, Fenders & Wing Mirrors]: $149.00 ||

Complete Vehicle Touch-Up: 249.00 ||

Damaged paint or Stone chips should be touched up on your vehicle to prevent rust, maintain the appearance, preserve resale value, prevent further damage, and save on future repair costs, we highly recommend this service to all who would like a full showroom finish experience on their vehicle. The price includes a 30ml touchup bottle of paint mixed to the factory colour of your vehicle by our professional paint supplier.

We will require the paint code ID located on your vehicle to ensure an exact match. This service is advised to be booked prior so we can collect the correct paint match for your vehicle.

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