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Wheels Ceramic Coated

From $199.00

Estimated Time: 1-2 Hours


Four Wheels Ceramic Coated (Faces Only): $199.00 || 

Four Wheels Ceramic Coated (Faces and Inner Barrels): $599.00 ||

Our wheel ceramic coating last upto 2 years and helps to protect them from damage, making maintenance easier, enhancing their appearance, and ensuring long lasting protection against road grime, contaminants, and chemicals. This application also includes wheel preparation e.g. cleaning of the wheels.

For coating of faces only wheels can remain on the vehicle, for coating of the inner barrels wheels must be removed. Pricing for faces and inner barrels includes the coating process itself along with the vehicles wheels taken off and inner barrels detail cleaned and coating applied.

The application for faces only can be added onto any service on the day of your booking.

Application for Faces and Inner Barrels to be booked in advance.

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