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Interior Shampoo Extraction and Steam Cleaning

From $29.00

Estimated Time: 1-1.5 Hours


$29.00 Per Seat Shampooed ||

$139.00 for 5 Seats Shampooed ||

$199.00 for 7 Seats Shampooed ||

$39.00 for Interior Steam Cleaned Only ||


For heavily stained seats we recommend a shampoo extraction, pulling out all the hidden dirt and dust in your seats, and giving your vehicle interior an unmatched fresh look and feel. We can also extract floor mats and the carpet area in your vehicle. $POA This process doesn't need to be booked in advance, on the day of your booking we can assess and advise on whether they will require a shampoo extraction upon your request.   


Complete interior including seats, plastics, panels, and air vents steam clean sanitised, excellent for removing embedded dirt and dust and killing bacteria leaving an unmatched finish and feel on your vehicle's interior. 

Note: This service does not have to be booked in advance, on the day of your detail if you wish to select this service we can add it according to your needs.

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