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5 Year Signature Protection

From $899.00

Estimated Time: 7-8 Hours


Coupe/Hatchback/Small Sedan: $899.00 || 

Large Sedan/Station Wagon: $929.00 ||

Ute/SUV/Van: $959.00 |

Our 5 Year Signature Protection last up to 5 years and includes a full detailed exterior valet, clay bar decontamination, and stage 1 enhancement detail.

Our 5 year ceramic coating offers exceptional hardness and resistance to chemicals and fading making it an excellent choice for maintaining the pristine condition of your car's exterior. With a 5 year lifespan, it offers extended protection compared to other coatings on the market, reducing the need for frequent reapplications. Moreover, the hydrophobic graphene infused properties of our ultra high resistant 10H ceramic coatings make water and dirt slide off effortlessly, simplifying the cleaning process and keeping your car looking glossy and fresh for years to come. By opting for our 5 year ceramic coating, you can enhance the overall aesthetics of your vehicle while ensuring its long term value and preserving its showroom finish.

This package will take approximately 7-8 hours to complete 

Note: Along with your selected Ceramic Coating Package it will also include a full exterior valet wash with clay and seal decontamination and Stage 1 Enhancement Detail.



  • Exterior Pressure Rinsed

  • Bodywork Soaked in Citrus Pre Wash

  • Snow Foam Soaked and Rinsed

  • Bodywork Double Bucket Wash with Premium Shampoo

  • Road Tar/Bugs Removed

  • Wiper Blade Rubbers & Fuel Door Cleaned

  • Decontamination Clay Bar to Paintwork

  • Exterior Pressure Wash Rinse

  • Bodywork dried with Luxurious Towels & Blower

  • Exterior Glass Wiped [Glass Coat Option Available, see Protect page for pricing]

Wheels & Tyres

  • Wheels/Arches Pressure Rinsed

  • Fallout & Brake Dust Removed

  • Tyres Cleaned

  • Wheels Dried

  • Hydrophobic Top Coat Applied [Wheel Coat Option Available, see Protect page for pricing]

  • Tyres Dressed in Premium Matte Finish

Paint Work

  • Paint Depth Analysis Inspection

  • Plastic Exterior Trims Masked

  • Exterior Paint Work Machine Polished according to vehicles paint condition* [Stage 1 Enhancement Detail performed]

  • Paint Prep Wipe-Down [Removing fingerprints and oils leaving a clean surface for ceramic coating to bond on surface]

  • 5 Year Ceramic Coating Applied to vehicles paint work.

Note: If additional paint correction is required on your vehicle you will be advised on the day of your booking, this can only be determined on paint condition. As Standard we include a Stage 1 Enhancement Detail as most vehicles we coat are new or near new.   

Full Glass Coat and Wheel Coat options are also available offering full vehicle exterior protection. 

Interior Protection Options are also available,

please see Protect page for more options and pricing.

You can tick/select Glass and/or Wheel Coat options when you enquire if you wish to receive either on your service.

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